Terms & Conditions

By submitting your cards to Trotters Sports Cards for Consignment. You, the Consignee consent to giving us permission to photograph and sell your cards for you via eBay auctions on a Consignment basis and agree to the following:

  • You, the Consignee accept that you will receive 80% of the auction sale price minus a £0.30p per item transaction fee.
  • You, the Consignee agree that all sports cards submitted for Consignment will be in a sleeve and toploader and have a value of £3.00 or higher.
  • You, the Consignee agree that We, the Consignor exercise the right to make a judgement call on the value of any cards You, the Consignee submit to us for Consignment. We, the Consignor reserve the right to refuse any that do not meet the criteria laid out in these terms. Including any cards submitted which We, the Consignor deem to be either fake, tampered with or altered in any way.
  • You, the Consignee agree that if any of your cards listed at auction, end without receiving a single bid, the cards will not be relisted or returned to you.
    • Returns are handled by us, the Consignor on a case by case basis, which is one of the benefits of Consigning with us. If a return is less than £50.00 We, the Consignor will cover the cost of the return and will re-list the card to recover the value. For returns over £50.00 or cards found to be altered/not authentic We, the Consignor will deduct the net amount that You, the Consignee received from the sale. You, the Consignee will then have the option of having the item re-listed or having the item shipped back to you and then settle any remaining negative balance.
  • You, the Consignee agree that We, the Consignor may use photographs we take of any cards submitted to us, for promotional purposes or use as advertising for Trotters Sports Cards Consignments.
  • We, the Consignor agree to take photographs, list your cards at auction via eBay, store your cards securely while auctions are running, then pack & ship your sold cards to winning bidders.
  • We, the Consignor agree to provide You, the Consignee with links to your eBay auctions once they are live and supply updated sales balances of your sold cards via our private member Discord. Links to these groups will be sent via Email to the Email address listed on the note You, the Consignee included with your Consignment packages.
  • We, the Consignor agree to maintain accurate sales balances using the sales data from eBay once available and to transfer available funds from Consignee sales balances to the Consignee either via PayPal or Bank Transfer when the Consignee requests payout.
  • You, the Consignee consent to us, the Consignor collecting, storing and using personal data that you, the Consignee provide in relation to Consignment services that we, the Consignor provide for our customers.

The terms ‘we’, ‘us’ & ‘the Consignor’ in these terms and conditions is Trotters Sports Cards.

The terms ‘you’ & ‘the Consignee’ in these terms and conditions is any customer that has entered into a contract with Trotters Sports Cards to sell their sports cards.

Any Customer signing their name on the Consignment form has agreed to these terms and conditions, and has then submitted their sports cards to Trotters Sports Cards to be sold via Trotters Sports Cards Consignment service & using the eBay auction platform.