How do I consign my cards?

Just package your cards in a box along with the Consignment form below, with the following information filled in:

  • Your full name (first name / last name)
  • Your Email address
  • Your Phone Number
  • Sign to say you agree to our terms & conditions

Please print out this Consignment form and include it in your package to us

All cards need to be in clean penny sleeves & toploaders / graded slabs. We will photograph them however they arrive to us, if they have tape or scratches on they will not display well and this can hurt your sale price.

We recommend using team bags to group cards together securely rather than a whole roll of tape.

You will receive an Email when your cards are received and processed.

This will provide you with access details to join our private Discord server where you can:

  • View the status of your Consignment
  • Find your eBay link for when your cards go live
  • View your sales balance
  • Request payouts
  • Contact us with any questions.

Send all packages via Royal Mail Only to:

TSC Consignment, PO BOX 4357, SWINDON, SN2 9DL

How much of the final sale price do I get?

You will receive 80% of the sale price of any sports cards you consign with us minus a £0.30 per item transaction fee.

What sort of cards can I send in?

To be eligible for listing, all Sports Cards MUST be in a penny sleeve and toploader or a graded slab.

All cards must be “hits” this means Autographs, Relics (jersey/ boot/material patches), #/ Low Numbered Cards, Top Rookies, Legendary Players etc.. We do not want a box full of your unwanted base cards!

All cards submitted for Consignment must also have an comparative value of £3.00 or more. If you don’t know how to determine this please check recent sold prices of the particular card or of similar cards of the player or set.


Raw vintage (pre 1980), custom cards, cards of questionable authenticity or that appear altered. Memorabilia or other large items such as photo’s, funko pops or other non sports card related items.

How do I get paid once my cards have sold?

There are two payout options.

PayPal (Goods & Services) – 3% fee by PayPal – Any amount

Bank transfer – No fee – Any amount

Once your available balance has updated and is visible to you (after your sold items have been paid for) your balance is available for withdrawal at anytime via message request.

How will my cards be listed?

All cards are listed as 7 day auctions with a £0.99 start and no reserve.

Card value is always determined by what a buyer is willing to pay and as we all know card values fluctuate daily, they go up as well as down.

Selling via auction ensures that your cards are more likely to sell, rather than using set price listings and have cards that sit for weeks unsold, or worse, never sell at all.

How long does it take for my cards to be listed or my sales balance to be updated?

We list cards in the order that consignment packages are received.

You will receive Email confirmation of your package being received along with links to our private Facebook and Discord groups where you will be able to find a eBay link to your cards once they “go live”.

Once all your sold cards have been paid for, your balance will be updated and be available for you to request payout.

This can take up to 7 days as eBay allows buyers a few days after the end of an auction to pay and then it takes a day or two for funds to transfer from eBay to us.

What happens to cards that I send in that go unsold, unpaid or get returned?

If we list something and it does not get a single bid, we do not relist it or send it back to you. This policy along with our minimum card value of £3.00 is in place to ensure items that we list, actually sell and to ensure we don’t get inundated with stacks of worthless cards.

Any items that are not paid for will automatically get re-listed 10 days after the original listing ended and non-payers will receive non-payment strikes.

Returns are handled by us on a case by case basis which is one of the benefits of Consigning with us.

If a return is less than £50.00 we will cover the cost of the return and will re-list the card to recover the value.

For returns over £50.00 or cards found to be altered/not authentic we will deduct the net amount that you received from the sale.

You will then have the option of having the item re-listed or having the item shipped back to you and then settle any remaining negative balance.

Can I use my available balance to pay for items I win from TSC on eBay?

Unfortunately not, all items won at auction from Trotters Sports Cards must be paid for through eBay. This is due to eBay’s own terms and conditions of payment processing and our need to adhere to their guidelines to be able to use their platform.

Can I have my cards I hit in a group break consigned?

Absolutely! Just contact us and we can assist in getting this set up.